Sunday, March 14, 2010

Runde at wintertime

It is kind of strange visiting the bird island Runde at wintertime. Most of the birds are gone, many of them are out at the open sea, other has gone south for the winter.It seemed that the gulls and the eagles where the only one left. The first Oyster catchers (tjeld) where ahead of us, so where the Eurasian curlew (storspove).

It gave me the similar feeling as visiting a festival city, outside festival season. Never the less, it was an interesting experience. Gave me another perspective and another photographic eye on the island.

The guy on the right is Jostein Øksne, klimbing on the slippery cliffs looking for different angle on the waves.
Øystein Torheim is behind me, as far as I recall.

In absence of birds I spent some time waiting for better light on these Harbor seals. This was the best shot. Not much really.

While waiting for light on the seals, I had this opening in the other direction.

As you can see, the light shifts a lot.