Sunday, October 25, 2009

F'n Fast & Furious. Høst Kick-Off 2009. Part one

Yesterday I had the pleasure of photographing the Høst KickOff, an attempt of re-awakening the Eid Rock Klubb.
It was fun, and effin fast & furious.

First band out was Suspected,
a local band.

Next, Strain Of Sanity "Strain Of Sanity, a Trondheim based band that mixes the elements of Groove-metal, Trash-metal and an occasional jerkoff."

Stay tuned for Høst Kick-Off part two

Wednesday, October 14, 2009

0.003s until Impact

My friend Boris inspired me to do this; a rerendering of the Superdancers in previous post.
Two other friends Mike and Misere inspired the title.

This is what happenes when you post pictures to a photo discuss list.
If you don't like it blame them :-)

Malakoff Rockfestival 2009 - Second Batch

This time less talk and more pictures.
Better pictures to I believe, I wasn't 100% focused the first hours.
To much on my mind. But gradually the music caught me, got me into the groove.


Classic Rock'n roll circus.
Cliche, maybe,
but does it matter?


King for one day,
every day.

Amazing dancing. The Superfamily suretainly is a strong act.

The Soundtrack of our Lives (Sweden)

Kaizers Orchestra 

Please feel free to comment.

More Malakoff pictures in post to come.
Maybe even some for Øystein :-) Don't know about that. Time will tell.

Tuesday, October 13, 2009

Malakoff Rockfestival 2009 - First Batch

It has became a summer tradition for me the be a festival photographer at Malakoff Rockfestival. I think this is my fourth or fifth year. The first couple of years I was trained by a more experienced guy, Anders (can't recall his surname, will come back to that), but now he has left the festival, and I has been the experienced guy. One year I did the job on my own, but that's far beyond recommendable hectic, to shot, edit and upload constantly.

Hopefully last year was the last without a stable crew. This year I asked for help from my "colleges" in Nordfjord Fotoklubb. So now it is time to harvest, and concentrate on having fun.

Every year from the first humble start the festival has grown, and improved in other ways. It's been awarded as best festival from the Norwegian Rock Union twice. The formula has been a relaxed but professional atmosphere, behind and in front of the stage. So I'm rather proud of being a part of the process, making a small but important contribution.

Ok. Enough about me, myself and I ;-)
Let the pictures speak.

Wheel of fortune (a local band from Eid opening the ball)

Samora (another local band from Førde)

Smoke Mohawk

Whats a rock festival without audience? Nothing I'd say.
The guy below is one of my annual motifs. Meet one of my friends, the one and only Kim Hallem.

The cute girls in the front row is what caught my attention.  
Concider the red head behind them as a bonus :-)

Ok. That's it for now. Got plenty of more pictures, but they will have to wait.

Comments appreciated. 

Sunday, October 4, 2009

Brustne bølger - Seljetur med fotoklubben, dag 2

Rust an waves - on tour with the Photo club

At the end of the road.
All pictures from the same location, except the last one.

M 401

For the geeks among the readers (I've experienced that two of the three of you are)
All pictures are made with a manual focus 28mm f:2 Vivitar lens. This was my first real walk with this lens for more than 20 years. It was a pleasant experience.

Saturday, October 3, 2009

Seljetur med Nordfjord Fotoklubb - Reker og sjitprat

This is an exception. I don't normally post party pictures. 

Festglade medemmer av Nordfjord Fotoklubb
For spesielt intereserte. Festbilder er ikke noe jeg vanligvis legger ut, men gjør et unntak denne gangen.

Alle bildene er forresten direkte konvertert fra raw, uten noen form for etterbehandling. Unntatt det siste som opplagt trengte litt korrigering ;-)

Her burde alt ligge til rett for en verdig avslutning. Men sånn går det (altså bildet under) når man overlater avansert utstyr til amatører (Øystein Torheim). Røde øyne og total fokusbom. Manuell fokus er tydeligvis for vanskelig for Øystein.
Skeiv horisont og dårlig komp retta jeg for han, så han skulle slippe å bli så flau. Nå bør det nok sies at jeg er et usedvanlig skarpt motiv som det er vanskelig å yte full rettferdighet.Så han skal ha kred for at han prøvde.