Thursday, November 26, 2009

Kind of Blue

I've had an idea for a project for quite a long time. Simply to make some pictures inspired by Miles Davis titles.
This is the first attempt to make it real. Kind of Blue was where Miles started. Ok, that's a lie. But it's almost true :-) It was MY first Miles album.

The photo is a lie to. This is not the scene as I saw it while driving threw the landscape.  The original file was a disapontment, looking dull and flat. While playing with it, looking for a solution to make the light in the end of the tunnel shine, I came up with this.

And suddenly I was humming to the melody All Blues from Kind of Blue. I said to myself:
That's it, the first picture of this series.
But I'm not 100% sure. It's not my usual style to render a picture this heavily. Have I taken it over the top?

EDIT: After Godfreys comment below, I decided to make a slightly different rendering. Tuned down the magenta a squash (or whatever the word is), and lightened and sharpened the foreground a tad (my spell checker suggests toad, instead of tad. That, I know is a bad idea :-) )