Saturday, November 21, 2009

Under construction. An artist at work. Part one

A friend of mine, Tommy Bredesen, is a painter. A few weeks ago, I had the experience of being his driver, gallery consultant and armour. Basically the task was rather simple, it was to drive a van with his paintings to the galley hall at Kystmuseet i Florø, and to help him hanging them at the wall.

But it turned out to be more interesting than expected. Tommy is a colorful artist in many ways, and his work points in many directions. So it was a rather challenging task to line them up, making them resonate in the same tune. Off course, Tommy is the expert, but I did my best to give him some ideas, and picking his ideas apart. Another complicated task was to make the light right. Some painting needs more light than others to "shine", and some required direct light at one very precise spot.

Tommy didn't get much sleep before the exhibition, because he worked on them untill last minute. So  many of them was still wet when we arrived at site, so I wasn't trusted to carry them inside.

I complained a bit, but not much I got to confess. I like to watch people work, and it gave me an opportunity to look around at the environment. I didn't see all the museum, but what I did was pretty interesting, including the architechture. The wall facing the sea looked like a fort, and the inside looked like an up down ship. I wonder if the architect was inspired by the Olympic arena, Vikingskipet.

And here, the artist at work.


It is time for a break. Don't want to tire you out with to many pictures.

Stay tuned for next post. In the mean time me and Tommy will argue what to hang up where, and why ...