Sunday, October 9, 2011


A long time ago, I  and spanish gal named Araceli Tzigane made a website mainly about world, folk and ethnic music. The idea was something wikilike, a collective site of information about alternative music around the globe.
I'm proud to say that this was back in 2000 (maybe it started even a bit earlyer), long before anybody had heard about wikipedia and such.

What stopped us was probably that we didn't have the programing skills required to make our own content managing system. 

The original domain is now occupied by domainhosters :-(
Shame on them.

But this summer I met Araceli and her husband at Førdefestivalen 2011 :-)
She told me that most of the site still is online mirrored at her website

So here it is ethnobass, as it was, back in 2003

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