Thursday, March 7, 2013

Still bird moment.

From the archives.

If you got a clue what bird this is, please give me a hint. Other comments are off cource welcome too.

I was at Runde trying to capture the perfect BIF (Bird In Flight) picture of puffins, and the he was sitting next to me. I spotted him more or less by accident. As I recall, I made one single frame, then watched him watching the sea for a few minutes. Then I went on hunting for the perfect puffin exposure. Then I forgot all about this still bird moment.

I've never been able to identify the little fellow. Maybe that's why I never published it. IMO thats a shame because now I think this the best picture I made from this journey. There is some quiet poetry in the scene.

I think it's a lesson or two to be learned here.

 Cropped for the birders out there.

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